C3 Pluriel

Citroen C3 Pluriel Roof Repairs

If you have Citroen C3 Pluriel roof problems, we can fix your Pluriel roof at a fraction of the main dealer price!

As with all new models, the sophisticated roof mechanism of the Pluriel has experienced the inevitable teething problems, sometimes the roof won’t open or the roof is stuck. I was the lead Pluriel technician, and service manager across two Citroen main dealerships, I was trained by Citroen UK specifically to rectify any faults that occurred. I have full main dealer diagnostic equipment (Lexia 3) in house.

Since setting up my own business I have been inundated with requests from many Pluriel owners all over the UK for a second opinion as it appears that many of the main dealerships would now rather replace the whole roof at costly main dealership prices. With my vast knowledge and experience I have always been able to provide a more cost effective solution; I will always endeavour to repair the roof before considering a replacement – 9 times out of 10 just a simple fix is required. However, if the roof should need be replaced I can offer a reconditioned roof fully fitted for a price that is considerably less than the main dealerships which would charge upwards of £3000.

A common failure is the tailgate hinge 3 piece mechanism which fails due to a poor design, when this fails the rear screen drops exposing the cable and opening the roof on only one side. We have invested time and money re-engineering a revised component which will not fail, in fact we now offer a lifetime guarantee of this part.

There are other so called experts who will fit replacement hinges but this part is not actually available, the hinges they offer will only be used/worn hinge thus still susceptible to failure.  The re-engineered hinge we offer is exclusive product of Chevron Citroen specialist.

There are a few Common faults, which are:

  • Broken Roof slides
  • New cables and sunroof motor gear
  • Cracked or Leaking rear “Citroen” styling trim

These are just a few common faults, please do not hesitate to contact me for a free, no obligation diagnosis & quotation.

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